7-Drawers Cabinet + Partitioning material 45x27 Eh


1x 7-Drawers Cabinet - Full extension - DATA SHEET

2x Kit Slotted partitions 45x27 Eh (100 mm)

2x Kit Slotted partitions 45x27 Eh (75 mm)

3x Anti-slip perforated mat 45x27 Eh (2x125 mm - 1x150 mm)

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Fiche technique

Cabinet width45 Eh - 870 mm
Cabinet depth27 Eh - 572 mm
Cabinet height850 mm
No. of drawers8
Drawers753x447 mm (45X27 Eh)
Cabinet typeFixed

En savoir plus

Made of high-quality sheet steel, equipped with central locking system, safety cylinder lock with 2 keys and single drawer opening system.

Drawers useful size:
Width 765 mm (45 Eh) - Depth 459 mm (27 Eh)